Spro Mike McClelland McStick 115


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Designed by Elite Series pro and stickbait master, Mike McClelland, the Spro McStick 115 is the newest offering in McClelland’s signature line of baits. It delivers the same fish catching attributes as the McStick 110 and 95 – now in a bigger size designed to attack the shallows. More buoyant than the 110 and 95, it slowly rises on the pause and dives to a maximum depth of four feet. Its added size and heft, as well as, its patented weight transfer system also allow you to make longer casts and cover more water. Bass hiding in the shallows don’t stand a chance against the new Spro “Mike McClelland” McStick 115. Also comes equipped with three super sharp #5 Gamakatsu treble hooks.

Length Weight Depth Class
4.5″ 1/2oz 0-4ft Floating

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Blue Bandit, Chrome Shad, Clear Chartreuse, Norman Flake, Old Glory, Spooky Shad, SPRO Blue


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