Spro Madeye Shad 55 Crankbait


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A multi-species lure that puts fish in the boat from coast-to-coast 365 days a year, the Spro Madeye Shad 55 Crankbait is an innovative crankbait that provides a different look and action so you can catch more fish than everyone else out on the water. It’s built with a shad shaped body and a small jointed paddle tail, which mimics the swimming action of a real shad or minnow cruising through the water. The narrow bill design also helps produce a soft rolling action that transmits vibration fish can feel in their lateral line so they can hone-in on the bait in dirtier water conditions. Finished with a pair of razor-sharp treble hooks and offered in a wide assortment or colors, the Spro Madeye Shad 55 Crankbait can be used for casting at targets in mid-range depths or even trolled to cover vast amounts of water.

Spro Length Weight Casting Depth Trolling Depth 50ft Back Trolling Depth 100ft Back
Madeye Shad 55 Crankbait 2.1″ 3/8oz 6-8ft 7.5ft 11ft

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Chrome, Clear, Golden Perch, Perch


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