Spro Bronzeye Blade Frog 65


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Building on the success of the Bronzeye Frog Series, the Spro Bronzeye Blade Frog 65 adds a new level of flashing action that skitters across the surface and produces monster blowups. Featuring two small Colorado blades instead of traditional skirted rubber legs, the Spro Bronzeye Blade Frog 65 is meant to be reeled across the surface, which produces a subtle buzzing action and bright flash like a baitfish trying to evade predators. Because of its hollow body design, anglers can also fish it over heavy cover or walk it like a standard hollow body frog, giving you the power of multiple lures in one package.

Just like all the other Bronzeye Frogs, the Spro Bronzeye Blade Frog 65 is armed with a 4/0 Gamakatsu EWG double frog hook that delivers proven hook setting performance and the power needed to get big fish out of the heaviest of cover. Available in a wide selection of colors, the Spro Bronzeye Blade Frog 65 adds a new element to your frog arsenal.

Length Weight
2.5″ 5/8oz

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Albino, Blue Sky, Flamingo, Freak, Hornet, Orange Juice, Rainforest, Tropical White, Yellow Sparkle


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