Shimano World Pop 69F Poppers


Length Weight Class
2-3/4″ 3/8oz Topwater
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The first lure in its class to incorporate Shimano’s legendary Boost Concept technology, the Shimano World Pop 69F Popper features a multi-purpose design with innovations unlike anything else on the market. Built with a cupped mouth and the distinct ability to be fished with a walk-the-dog cadence, this popper creates tons of surface disturbance whether you are moving it quickly with continuous rod twitches or creating large pops with a sweep of the rod tip. Equipped with one-piece molded internal weights, Jet Boost technology increases your efficiency on the water by extending your casting distance with each cast.

Utilizing Flash Boost technology to create a continuous flash that mimics a wounded baitfish, this innovative and proprietary concept suspends a piece of foil on micro springs within the lure to reflect light and flicker naturally, even when paused. Drawing aggressive strikes from trophy-sized bass with Scale Boost technology, the Shimano World Pop 69F Poppers use a lifelike composite-pitch hologram natural scale pattern to deliver insane realism and fool even the most discerning predators.

Shimano Length Weight Class
World Pop 69F Popper 2-3/4″ 3/8oz Topwater

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Black Gold, Blue SV, Chart SV, Clown, Ghost Ayu, Gill, Hot Tiger, N Smelt, Pink Candy, T Smelt


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