Shimano SLX 70 Casting Reels


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A pinnacle of advanced technology and engineering, Shimano SLX 70 A Casting Reels are designed to excel in various fishing situations including finesse presentations and close-quarter power techniques. Featuring the MGL Spool III, Shimano’s lightest spool to date, the SLX 70 A ensures quick startup by significantly reducing inertia so you can bomb casts into the wind and catch fish further away from the boat. SilentTune technology minimizes spool vibration and provides anglers with remarkably smooth retrieves, while the SVS Infinity braking empowers users with a spool control interface for on-the-water adjustments and enhanced accuracy.

Crafted with a metal HAGANE Body, this compact reel guarantees strength and rigidity, eliminating flex under heavy load for unparalleled fish-fighting power. The Cross Carbon Drag system offers an extremely powerful and durable drag, ideal for tough battles with big fish. Combining an infusion of industry-leading technology and performance in a compact, ergonomic package, the Shimano SLX 70 A Casting Reels offer serious anglers an extremely versatile reel at an unbeatable price point.


  • MGL Spool lll
  • HAGANE Body
  • SVS Infinity
  • SilentTune
  • Cross Carbon Drag


Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Line Cap. Bearings
SLX70HGA Right 7.2:1 6.9 10/105, 12/85 4BB + 1RB
SLX70XGA Right 8.2:1 6.9 10/105, 12/85 4BB + 1RB
SLX71HGA Left 7.2:1 6.9 10/105, 12/85 4BB + 1RB
SLX71XGA Left 8.2:1 6.9 10/105, 12/85 4BB + 1RB

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