Shimano Macbeth Flat Crankbaits


Length Weight Depth
2.25″ 3/8oz 3-5ft
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Built to defeat the traditionally unstable casting performance associated with flat-sided crankbaits, the Shimano Macbeth Flat Crankbaits employ the use of Shimano’s Jet Boost technology to improve your casting distance and accuracy. Utilizing centrifugal forces to stabilize the flight posture, long-range castability is achieved without sacrificing any of the swimming action. Designed with a rounded circuit board lip for excellent deflections, the Macbeth Flat creates a tight rolling action, subtle body flick, and dives quickly to depths of 3-5ft. Finished with premium components, sticky-sharp hooks, and detailed color patterns, the Shimano Macbeth Flat Crankbaits feature slow-floating action so they remain in the strike zone longer to tempt big bites from pressured and cold-water fish.


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