Shimano Macbeth 50 Crankbaits


Shimano Weight Depth
Macbeth 50 Shallow 1/2oz 0-1ft
Macbeth 50 3/8oz 3-5ft
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Combining an oversized hybrid edge bill design, high buoyancy, and fixed one-piece weight construction, the Shimano Macbeth 50 Crankbaits are perfect for heavy cover cranking when anglers need to downsize their presentation or size-match forage. The unique one-piece molded weight concentrates the center of gravity to keep the Macbeth running true and allow the lure to recover quickly after deflecting off underwater obstacles.

The shallow diving Macbeth 50 is designed for subsurface cranking, reaching depths of just under 1-foot with a wide rounded bill that protects the hooks while reeling through cover. Shimano engineers designed the rounded bill to achieve a fast and enticing swimming action with the durability to withstand punishing contact with cover. With a diving depth of 3 -5 feet, the deeper running Macbeth 50 features an aggressive side-to-side wobble from a robust square bill that is ideal for making strike-inducing ground contact.

Equipped with a thicker diameter rear hook so that it won’t deform easily, these crankbaits provide the added durability and increased hook-up ratios needed for ensuring success with tough fights from trophy-sized bass. Enticing aggressive reaction bites in shallow snag-ridden cover, the Shimano Macbeth 50 Crankbaits are finished in proven match-the-hatch color patterns perfect for all types of water clarity.

Shimano Length Weight Depth Class
Macbeth 50 Shallow 2″ 1/2oz 0-1ft Floating
Macbeth 50 2″ 3/8oz 3-5ft Floating

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Macbeth 50, Macbeth 50 Shallow


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