Rapala Ultra Light Pop Popper


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1-1/2″ 1/8oz Topwater #12
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Sometimes to get big results, you have to go small, which is why Rapala has developed the Rapala Ultra Light Pop. Built with a deep, cupped lip and a flat chin, the Rapala Ultra Light Pop provides a spit and a splash that calls bass to the surface.

Appealing to a wide-range of species, the Rapala Ultra Light Pop is devastating on spotted bass, but just as lethal around big largemouth and smallmouth. Offered in a number of natural and chrome patterns, the Rapala Ultra Light Pop provides a lifelike presentation that is highlighted by true-to-life scaling and 3D eyes. Backed by two super-sharp VMC black nickel trebles, the Rapala Ultra Light Pop is the perfect choice for targeting light feeding fish.

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Chrome, Clown, Firetiger, Frog, Gold Chrome, Lime Frog, Silver/Blue, Yellow Perch


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