Rapala Snap Rap


Rapala Length Weight Class
Snap Rap SNR06 2-1/2″ 5/16oz Sinking
Snap Rap SNR08 3-1/8″ 7/8oz Sinking
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The Rapala Snap Rap brings a hot new technique to anglers fishing sandy and gravel bottoms, as well as, deep west-coast reservoirs. This unique, tough little bait is fished with a snap retrieve method – darting fast on the rod snap, then quickly gliding back to the bottom. Available in a variety of Rapala’s best colors and two sizes, the Rapala Snap Rap features a durable body construction tha is proven to hold up to big bass and other hefty game fish.

-Unique body design
-Gliding tail wing
-Darting snap action
-Gliding drop action
-Fixed nose and tail hooks
-Black nickel VMC belly hook (SNR06 – #8/SNR08 – #5)
-Hand tuned and tank tested

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Chrome, Chrome Blue, Glow Tiger, Glow Yellow Perch


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