Rapala Skitter Walk Walking Bait


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3-1/8″ 7/16oz Topwater #3 VMC Treble


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The Rapala Skitter Walk is often regarded as one of the easiest walk-the-dog lures available. Thanks to a large internal rattle, the Skitter Walk produces a rhythmic walk-the-dog action, while also providing fish-attracting sound to call fish in from greater distances. Featuring a durable, streamlined construction as well, the Skitter Walk was designed for long, accurate casts. Definitely a great choice when the topwater bite is on, the Rapala Skitter Walk is a proven topwater lure, available in a variety of color combinations, and featuring realistic detailing with up to 12 coats of paint and epoxy for added realism and durability.

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Baby Bass, Blue Mullet, Bluegill, Bone, Chrome, Frog, Shad Translucent, Silver Mullet


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