Rapala Skitter Pop


Rapala Length Weight Hook
Skitter Pop 5 2″ 3/16oz VMC #6
Skitter Pop 7 2-3/4″ 1/4oz VMC #5
Skitter Pop 9 3-1/2″ 1/2oz VMC #3
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Get your heart racing and your blood pumping with the exciting topwater action of the Rapala Skitter Pop. Built with a unique cupped mouth and a buoyant balsa body, the Rapala Skitter Pop creates a powerful surface disturbance – no matter how it’s fished.

On a slow retrieve with a hard jerk, the Rapala Skitter Pop dives below the surface with a healthy surge of water and a deep popping thud. Speed up the pace a little bit and the Rapala Skitter Pop tempts bass with a strong spitting action and a high-pitched slapping acoustic. Finished with two sticky-sharp VMC black nickel treble hooks, the Rapala Skitter Pop has been proven over-and-over to produce earth-shaking topwater strikes that all anglers love.

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Frog, Shad, Silver


5, 7, 9


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