Rapala Shadow Rap Shad Jerkbaits


Length Weight Depth
3-1/2″ 3/8oz 3-4ft
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Exhibiting the horizontal struggle and slow-rise of a dying shad, the Rapala Shadow Rap Shad extends the bass-catching power of the Shadow Rap family even further with a look and an action that is all-its-own. Engineered with a tall frame and flat sides, the Rapala Shadow Rap Shad responds to each rod twitch with an erratic, forward-rolling lunge, just like the original. However, unlike its cousin, the Rapala Shadow Rap Shad slowly floats towards the surface when paused, perfectly imitating the last movements of an expiring shad.

Capitalizing on the universal appeal of shad, the Rapala Shadow Rap Shad employs a broad profile that produces even more attention-grabbing flash. Enhancing authenticity, the Rapala Shadow Rap Shad is offered in a range of translucent and frosted color ways that are accented with ultrarealistic 3-D eyes and textured scaling. Fitted with two sticky-sharp VMC thin wire treble hooks, the Rapala Shadow Rap Shad captures the subtleties of an dying shad with a combination of size and action that “rises” to the occasion.

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Albino Shiner, Blue Back Herring, Blue Ghost, Bone, Bud, Carbon, Clown, Elite Blue, Firetiger, Ghost, Ghost Shiner, Gone, Halloween, Live Perch, Molten Copper, Moss Back Shiner, Olive Green, Purpledescent, Silver, Yellow Perch


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