Rapala Scatter Rap Countdown


Rapala Scatter Rap Length Weight
Countdown 7 2-3/4″ 1/4oz
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If a baitfish is getting chased by a predator, it’s not going to swim away in a straight line. It’s going try to scatter in all directions to get away. That’s exactly the idea behind the new Rapala Scatter Rap Countdown and the complete Scatter Rap line of baits. By simply varying your retrieve speed from slow to fast, you can get the Scatter Rap Countdown to kick out and hunt to the side, generating vicious reaction strikes. The Rapala Scatter Rap Countdown also sinks at a reliable one-foot-per second rate that allows you to easily target bass at any depth. Whether the fish  are suspended at the weed tops or holding on bottom structure, the Scatter Rap CountDown can get you to them consistently. Armed with two VMC Black Nickel hooks and offered in a number of proven colors, the Rapala Scatter Rap Countdown generates reaction strikes like never before. Non-rattling.

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Bleak, Golden Alburnus, Silver, Yellow Perch


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