Rapala Ott’s Garage Tiny 4 Crankbaits


Rapala Length Weight Depth
Ott’s Garage Tiny 4 2-1/4″ 5/16oz 4ft
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Expanding the high successful Ott’s Garage series, the Rapala Ott’s Garage Tiny 4 Crankbait was developed by Bassmaster Classic champion, Ott Defoe, for those situations when the odds are stacked against you and you need a small finesse style crankbait to put fish in the boat. Made from premium balsa wood, it features a thin profile, flat sides, and a rounded circuit board bill that produces a very tight wobble and finesse-like action, which is deadly in tough conditions. The thin design and lightweight circuit board lip also moves less water and provides a sensitive feel of the bottom structure, so you know exactly when to pause your bait to trigger a reaction strike.

Outfitted with premium hardware as well, it’s armed with high quality VMC Black Nickel 1x Strong Hybrid Treble Hooks that provide unrivaled hook setting performance. Offered in a wide selection of Rapala’s proven colors, the Rapala Ott’s Garage Tiny 4 Crankbait will put fish in your livewell when nothing else will.

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