Okuma SBX Casting Rods


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There’s no doubt that Okuma Fishing Tackle is home to a number of hard-core swimbait anglers. Okuma rods and reels come together with swimbaits like bread and butter. SBX Swimbait rods incorporate advanced materials, construction techniques and components to deliver swimbait anglers stunning actions, in powerful rods that are built to last. Construction begins with a blend of highly-responsive 24- and 30-Ton carbon. The tip sections are then fortified by Okuma UFR (Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement) technology. UFR adds a layer of unidirectional fiber to the tip section of the rod. This seamless integration delivers a 3X increase in strength and lifting power in the tip. Functionally, UFR dramatically strengthens the tip against breakage when casting heavy lures and landing big fish.


  • 24/30-Ton ultra-responsive carbon blank construction
  • UFR: Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced rod tip technology
  • UFR technology increases rod tip lifting power by 3 times
  • ZEUS premium series Titanium guides from Sea Guide
  • ZEUS Titanium guides are 43% lighter than comparable stainless
  • The Deep-Drawn frame protects the “RS” guide inserts
  • These special guides feature a 2-stage slope reducing line tangles
  •  Sea Guide “RS” guide inserts offer unmatched hardness and durability
  • “RS” guide insert is almost 1.5 times harder than quarts
  • Premium Fuji trigger reel seats on all models
  • All rods are 7’11” in length to help maximize casting distance
  • Premium 3K woven carbon fiber fore and rear grips
Model Length Power Action Pieces Line Weight Lure Weight
SBX-C-7111H 7′ 11″ Heavy Moderate Fast 1-PCS 15-30 1-6 OZ
SBX-C-7111XH 7′ 11″ Extra Heavy Fast 1-PCS 15-40 2-10 OZ
SBX-C-7111XXH 7′ 11″ Extra Extra Heavy Fast 1-PCS 20-40 5-14 OZ


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SBX-C-7111H, SBX-C-7111XH, SBX-C-7111XXH


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