Okuma Halogen Casting Reels



Bearings Gear Ratio Wt.(oz.) Mono Capacity (Lb. Test / Yards) Dexterity Drag Max
HG-100-A 5BB + 1RB 6.5:1 7.0 12/120 RIGHT 24
HG-100H-A 5BB + 1RB 7.2:1 7.0 12/120 RIGHT 24
HG-101-A 5BB + 1RB 6.5:1 7.0 12/120 LEFT 24
HG-101H-A 5BB + 1RB 7.2:1 7.0 12/120 LEFT 24

Designed to reduce backlashes and improve your casting distance, the Okuma Halogen Casting Reels utilize a magnetic field generated by the high revolutions of the spool to regulate its speed during casting. Allowing for minute and accurate on-the-fly adjustments, the externally adjustable magnetic cast control system is influenced by precisely placed magnets which exert an opposing force to slow down the spool. Built with a QuickSet anti-reverse bearing to provide solid hooksets, the multi-disc drag washers offer smooth and consistent performance when the fish make a spirited run.

Featuring a lightweight and durable 33.5 mm machined aluminum black anodized spool, the main gear and pinion gears are constructed from high strength brass for long-lasting performance. The precision stainless steel bearing drive system offers smooth, balanced, and consistent retrieves so your focus remains on fishing instead of your equipment. Complete with a corrosion-resistant frame and side plates, the Okuma Halogen Casting Reels rise to the challenge and enhance all of your on the water encounters.


– Corrosion-resistant frame and side plates
– 5BB + 1RB precision stainless steel bearing drive system
– Quick Set anti-reverse bearing
– Precision cut, high strength brass main and pinion gears
– Externally adjustable magnetic cast control system
– Machined aluminum, black anodized spool
– Multi-disc drags washers
– Halogen reels are backed by a 1-year limited warranty

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HG-100-A, HG-100H-A, HG-101-A, HG-101H-A


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