Okuma Ceymar Baitfeeder Spinning Reels



Azores Blue begin with proven power features including die-cast aluminum body, side plate and rotor, machine cut pinion gear and the Okuma Dual Force Drag system that utilizes a traditional top drag stack in concert with an oversized Carbonite drag washer beneath the spool to increase high-end drag output as well as spool stability under load.
The Azores family of reels feature dual anti-reverse systems. The one-way clutch bearing is joined by a ratcheting anti-reverse that is molded into the bottom of the rotor separating the Azores from its competition. The Mechanical Stabilization System keeps all key components aligned. The 6mm stainless steel spool shaft is surrounded by an 8mm brass spool shaft sleeve that dramatically increases stability of the spool and drag system alignment when fished under the Azores maximum family drag output of up to 44lbs of pressure.
The Z-4000H-BLUE and Z-6000H-BLUE features a 5.8:1 gear ratio while the Z-8000H-BLUE and Z-14000H-BLUE utilize a 5.4:1 gear ratio. Per every turn of the handle, Azores models take in 35.8 to 44.7-inches of line, respectively.
  •  On/Off auto trip bait feeding system
  •  Multi-disc, Japanese oiled felt drag washers
  •  7BB+1RB stainless steel bearings
  •  Quick-Set ant-reverse bearing
  •  Precision machine cut brass pinion gear
  •  Corrosion resistant graphite body and rotor
  •  CFR: Cyclonic Flow Rotor technology
  •  Precision Elliptical Gearing System
  •  Rigid metal handle design for strength
  •  Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool with LCS lip
  •  Heavy duty solid aluminum bail wire
Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per
Handle Turn
Mono Capacity
(Lb. Test / Yards)
Drag Max
CBF-40 7BB+1RB 5.0:1 30.9 11.2 295/8, 250/10, 210/12 13-LBS
CBF-55 7BB+1RB 4.5:1 32” 15.8 310/12, 275/14, 220/16 19-LBS
CBF-65 7BB+1RB 4.8:1 37.6” 24.6 280/16, 235/20, 190/25 33-LBS
CBF-500 7BB+1RB 5.0:1 21.9 6.7 165/2, 85/4, 65/6 6-LBS
CBF-1000 7BB+1RB 5.0:1 24 7.1 280/2, 140/4, 100/6 6-LBS
CBF-3000 7BB+1RB 5.0:1 28 9.5 240/6, 200/8, 165/10 18-LBS


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CBF-40, CBF-55, CBF-65, CBF-500, CBF-1000, CBF-3000


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