Norman Speed N Jr. Crankbait


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A snack-sized version of the proven Speed N Crankbait, the Norman Speed N Jr. Crankbait is a superb device for navigating highly pressured or ultra-clear fisheries. Also a deadly option when your lake’s bass are focused on smaller forage, the Speed N Jr. comes in under 2-1/2 inches, yet dishes out big action with a tight wobble and aggressive pitch and roll that predators simply can’t ignore. It also houses an internal rattle that provides a unique dull thumping sound to further enhance its big bass appeal.

Ready to fish right out of the package, the Norman Speed N Jr. Crankbait comes with razor sharp treble hooks for a high hook up ratio and a protective gel coating that provides increased durability so you can catch more fish while your bait maintains a fresh look. Additionally, its dependable bill that delivers the sought-after erratic hunting action is built to bang and grind into hard cover without failing. Encased in custom Norman colorways, the Norman Speed N Jr. Crankbait is sure to appeal to the full sensory array of predatory fish.

Norman Length Weight Depth
Speed N Jr. 2.35″ 3/8oz 4-6ft


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Chili Bowl, Diamond Craw, Holy Shad, Lavender Shad, Tropical Shad


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