Nichols Sledgehammer Swim Jig


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Delivering beefed-up performance that is aimed at big fish in heavy cover, the Nichols Sledgehammer Swim Jig is just what you need to drive the final nail into the competition’s coffin. Backed by a super-stout 5/0 flipping hook, the Nichols Sledgehammer Swim Jig resists bending and flexing under extreme pressure, giving anglers the power to do battle with big bass.

Designed with an arrowhead-style head and fiber weedguard, the Nichols Sledgehammer Swim Jig is able to navigate dense cover with increased efficiency. Behind the head, the Nichols Sledgehammer Swim Jig employs a patented toothpick keeper collar that locks soft plastics firmly in place.

Offered in a range of attention-grabbing, metal flake colors, the Nichols Sledgehammer Swim Jig features a hand-painted head that ensures long-lasting performance. Built with a quality and heavy-duty performance in mind, the Nichols Sledgehammer Swim Jig offers everything anglers need to drop the “hammer” on kicker fish.

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BG Blue, BG Green, Black Blue, Bombshell Shad, Braxton's Olive Shad, Clent's Alabama 420, Clent's Magic Craw, Clent's Shad Spawn, DB's Hematoma, DB's River Bream, DB's Sungill, Gizzard Shad Pepper, Green Crystal Hologram, Green Pumpkin, JT's Florida Hammer, T's The Best Color Ever, JTs Chartreuse Shad


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