Nichols FlapJack 5pk


Length Quantity
4″ 5
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Offering incredible versatility and powerful performance, the Nichols FlapJack will excel in nearly any application. The body of the FlapJack features aggressive ribbing to impart auxillary action and push water so bass are able to locate and annihilate your bait more easily. It then transitions to a robust tail section that resembles a baitfish profile when turned to the side. Regardless of how the tail is oriented, it imparts a deadly flapping motion thanks to the molded kicker flaps that will have your presentation kicking excitedly as you work your lure through the water column. Perfect when paired with your favorite vibrating jig, swim jig, spinnerbait, or simply rigged on its own, there’s no wrong way to fish the highly versatile Nichols FlapJack.

Length Quantity
4″ 5

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