Netbait STH Finesse Series Tubes


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2.5″ 8
4″ 8
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Our Finesse Series Tubes are rewriting the rules when it comes to tube fishing and smallmouth bass! NetBait STH Finesse Series Tubes outperform others because of an important design feature – body to tail ratio! When compared to others, Finesse Series Tube bodies are 40% and the tail 60%. The 40/60 body to tail ratio delivers vastly improved action with the slightest twitch of your rod and allows for a fully exposed hook in the tail section for improved hook ups with hard-mouthed smallmouth bass. Available in 18 colors and two sizes; 2.5” and 4” – tube anglers can go with the bigger size tubes for smallmouth or largemouth or size down for super finicky bass and walleye that need to be enticed with a smaller profile

  • 40% body / 60% tail
  • Salted & scented
  • hand poured

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Brown Pumpkin Copper, Dark Melon Gold, Dark Melon Gold Purple, Dark Melon Purple, Frosty Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Blue, Juvenile Goby, Star Warz, Ten Point


2.5", 4"


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