NetBait STH BaitFuel Stumpy Crush Worm


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Injected with BaitFuel’s X55 formula using a revolutionary manufacturing process, the Netbait STH BaitFuel Stumpy Crush Worm is supercharged with powerful scent attractants and the unbeatable subtle action of the bite-sized Crush Worm. Made from the finest hand-poured plastics, the Crush Worm is super-soft and delivers the latest in fishing technology with proven bait colors and life-like action that fish simply can’t resist.

A deadly smallmouth lure that continues to get bit in tough conditions, BaitFuel has been scientifically engineered and proven to increase your catch rate with a water-based gel that releases a scent cloud that mimics the smell and taste of natural forage. Perfect for pairing with your favorite drop shot set up, ned rig, or finesse shakey head, the Netbait STH BaitFuel Stumpy Crush Worm makes an excellent addition to any finesse anglers’ arsenal.

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3.5″ 8

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Bang, Green Pumpkin, Juvenile Goby Pearl, Killer Pumpkin, LON Goby Pearl, Midnight Green, Smokin Joe, Whaat


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