Netbait Paca Chunk


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3″ Standard 6


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When a company goes to the trouble of putting a patent on the claws of a trailer you know the action and appearance must be something special. NetBait did exactly that with their Paca™ Chunk trailers. The patented design gives the claws of the Paca™ Chunk an action never before seen in a trailer. The Paca™ Chunk works great as a jig trailer or it can be fished on a round ball jig head. NetBait also incorporated a solid body on the Paca™ Chunk so this trailer will stay secure anyway it is fished.


  • Standard : 3″ (6 per pack)

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Alabama Craw, Bama Bug, Black, Black Blue Flk, Black Neon, Black Shadow, Black/Blue, Blue Pearl Hologram, Brown, Chartreuse Pumpkin, Coosa Special, Crawfish, Flippn' Blue, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Blue, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Purple, Green Pumpkin Red, Kentucky Special, Magic Craw, Natural Craw, Okeechobee Craw, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Pearl, Sapphire Blue, Summer Craw, Sun Perch, Toledo Special, Watermelon Candy, Watermelon Crawfish, Watermelon Jelly, Watermelon Spice, White


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