Megabass Dark Sleeper Swimbaits


Size Length
1/4 2.4″
3/8 2.4″
3/8 3″
1/2 3″
3/4 3″
3/4 3.8″
1oz 3.8″


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Developed to target fish holding tight to bottom structure, the Megabass Dark Sleeper offers overwhelming realism and an enticing action like only Megabass swimbaits can. Fitted with a low center of gravity weight, which allows it to deliver a stealthy, lifelike presentation as a bottom bouncing swimbait, it also features a soft fin material that is molded entirely around the top hook and instantly collapses when a fish strikes to ensure solid hooksets. The fin guarded hook also allows the Dark Sleeper to penetrate through gnarly cover and deflect potential snags.

Made from ultra tough yet soft plastic that gives it the ability to withstand a tremendous amount of abuse, its supple paddle tail provides a very natural kicking action as well – even at slow crawling retrieve speeds – as it moves in and out of heavy cover to induce strikes from the most wary of fish. Available in one-of-a-kind airbrushed paintjobs, the Megabass Dark Sleeper is definitely a swimbait that should be in every anglers’ arsenal.

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Biwako Yoshinobori, Clear Chart, Clear Pink, Dark Shad, Donko, Hanahaze, Haze, Mutsugorou, Shirauo, Wakasagi


1/4 2.4", 3/8 2.4", 3/8 3", 1/2 3", 3/4 3", 3/4 3.8", 1oz 3.8"


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