Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbaits


Megabass Length Weight Depth
Big M 4.0 5″ 2oz 13ft
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Developed by legendary Japanese lure designers Yuki Ito and Shinji Sato, the Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbait is a magnum sized crankbait that was created to better adapt to big bass. Featuring flat sides, the Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbait generates a side-to-side rolling type action, which digs into the bottom more effectively than standard wobbling type crankbaits and produces a vivid flash that is more clear in deeper water where there is less light. The Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbait’s unique shape and slender bill design creates less resistance, making it easier reel with more sensitivity when it comes into contact with structure as well.

Pushing performance and innovation even further, the Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbait features a heavy weight transfer system, which allows it to cast like a bullet in any condition and produce a loud knocking sound to attract big bass from a distance. The Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbait is also armed with two oversized razor sharp treble hooks that provide lightning fast hook sets and unmatched strength to handle aggressive fish. Finished with 3D eyes, gill plates, textured scales, and a custom paint job, the Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbait is the weapon of choice for anglers who are looking for the most realistic high performance big bass crankbait on the market.

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