Jackall TN Disk Knocker Lipless Crankbaits


Jackall Length Weight
Disk Knocker 60 2.4″ 1/2oz
Disk Knocker 70 2.8″ 5/8oz
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Although it may look the same as the original Jackall TN, the Jackall TN Disk Knocker Lipless Crankbait possesses a reengineered inner construction that sets it apart from all other lipless crankbaits. Designed with a thin, disc-shaped weight, instead of traditional lead rattles, the Jackall TN Disk Knocker Lipless Crankbait emits a unique, deep-knocking acoustic that urges the most pressured fish to bite without hesitation.

Built using an innovative tungsten lip, the Jackall TN Disk Knocker Lipless Crankbait swims level at the slowest speeds and stands straight up when it hits the bottom. Additionally, the external weighting provides more space on the inside, which allows the knocker to move around more, resulting in an amplified tonal presence. Offered in selection of premium colors, the Jackall TN Disk Knocker Lipless Crankbait takes the design of the original to the next level with a revamped weight transfer system that is in a league-of-its-own.

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60, 70


Angry Craw, HL Black & Gold, RT Escape Craw, RT Holo Bluegill, SG Threadfin, Spawn Tiger, Sprinkle Wakasagi, SS Chartreuse, TO Muddy Shad


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