Jackall Rhythm Wave Swimbaits


Length Quantity
2.8″ 8
3.8″ 7
4.8″ 5
5.8″ 4
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Deceptively simple, the Jackall Rhythm Wave Swimbait delivers a perfectly balanced presentation that stands head-and-shoulders above standard swimbaits in-terms of versatility, performance, and quality. Designed with a keel-shaped body and shad-like tail, the Jackall Rhythm Wave Swimbait produces a metronome-like kicking action and a seductive wobble, even with a super-slow retrieve.

Incredibly versatile, the Jackall Rhythm Wave Swimbait features a slit on the top that ensures the hook point is hidden with any texposed rigging. Offered in a number of rod-bending colors, the Jackall Rhythm Wave Swimbait is sure to become a familiar sight on casting decks everywhere.

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2.8", 3.8", 4.8", 5.8"


Blue Pearl Shad, Bluegill Pearl White, Goby, Golden Shad, Green Pumpkin Pepper, Green Pumpkin Watermelon, Holo Black, Prism Shad, Sexy Albino, SS SHAD


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