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Large, yet compact, soft, yet durable, the Jackall Archelon offers the best qualities from each end of the spectrum to give anglers the ideal bait for exploring heavy cover. Measuring 4.5” long, the Jackall Archelon is designed with a thin body, so it can slip through cover easily, but moves more than enough water to grab the attention of bass, even in the dim light environment beneath matted vegetation.

When a larger presence is desired, the Jackall Archelon is molded with a cavity that allows for easy and seamless insertion of a rattle. Firm enough to ensure durability, but soft enough to allow for clean hook sets, the Jackall Archelon is specially formulated for flipping and pitching, but versatile enough to adorn oversized jigs as well. Offered in a number of proven big-bass colors, the Jackall Archelon checks all of the boxes for a powerhouse of a pitching and flipping bait.

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Black Blue Silver Flake, Black Red Flake, Bloody Plum, Green Pumpkin Candy, Green Pumpkin Pepper, JL Craw, School Bluegill


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