Hayabusa WRM956 Wide Gap Offset Hooks


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Delivering Japanese precision and performance, the Hayabusa WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset Hook is a high quality, all-purpose hook that is perfect for a variety of soft plastic applications. Offering extra clearance to accommodate thicker soft plastic baits thanks to its Wide Gap design, it provides ample space between the hook shank and your soft plastic to allow the bait to collapse and not inhibit hook sets. It also features a Z-crank at the top of the hook shank, which effectively holds soft plastics in place to prevent them from sliding down the shank and tearing on short strikes and snags.

Hayabusa’s NRB (Non-Reflective Black) Fluorine Coating also makes the hook silky smooth, dramatically enhances hook-setting performance and also camouflaging the hook for a more natural presentation. Constructed from Hayabusa’s forged hook wire for extra durability, the Hayabusa WRM 956 Wide Gap Offset Hooks is available in a wide range of sizes to suit almost any scenario.

Hayabusa – the pride of Japan – has been manufacturing uncompromising, high quality hooks since 1958.

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