Hayabusa WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook


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Sometimes when the fishing gets tough, you need to get a finesse bait into heavy cover where the fish are hiding. The Hayabusa WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook allows anglers to present a wacky style bait without having to worry about snagging up on cover. Hayabusa’s Original Loop Stopper and the unique shape of the WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook lets anglers rig their worm through the center, which allows the worm to serve as a weedguard and provide a virtually snagless presentation. The Original Loop Stopper holds your soft plastic worm securely in place and prevents it from sliding down the shank of the hook.

The Hayabusa WRM202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook wide gap design also provides enough space between the worm and the hook shank for the worm to collapse during fish strikes and deliver lightning fast hook penetration. Available in a range of sizes to accommodate most soft plastic finesse baits, the Hayabusa WRM 202 Weedless Wacky SP Hook is an essential tool every angler should have in their tackle box for those times when the conditions get tough.

Hayabusa – the pride of Japan – has been manufacturing uncompromising, high quality hooks since 1958.

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