Hayabusa Spin Muscle Weedless Wacky Hooks


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Delivering weedless wacky rigging performance thanks to its ideal heavy test mono weedguard, the Hayabusa Weedless Spin Muscle Wacky Hook features a unique design created to enhance the action of wacky rigged baits, and also maximize hooking and landing percentages. The sharp V-Bend holds your soft plastic worm tightly, and allows the rod action to travel directly and precisely to the worm. It also locks the hook into the fish’s mouth for fewer lost fish. Combined with the Hayabusa Original Semi-Twisted Hook Point for lightning fast penetration, the Weedless Spin Muscle’s unique design also allows hooking power to travel directly to the hook point for solid hooksets. High-grade hooks manufactured in Japan, the Hayabusa Weedless Spin Muscle Wacky Hooks are available in multiple sizes.

Hayabusa – the pride of Japan – has been manufacturing uncompromising, high quality hooks since 1958.

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