Gamakatsu Round Jig Head 5pk


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Ball heads are useful for a variety of soft plastic baits and these heads feature the ultra-sharp Gamakatsu hooks for positive hookups. Everyone knows about the legendary Gamakatsu hooks and this level of sharpness is exactly what you need especially when fishing with light lines and on deep structure. These heads offer the angler a choice of hook and weight combinations so you can get the perfect Gamakatsu Ball Head for your situation. The double keeper collar means the plastic will stay where it belongs even when you’re pulling it through rough structure and gnarly cover. Use the Ball Head with plastic worms either open hooked or ‘Tex-sposed’, for swimming a grub, for a finesse presentation of a creature bait, or for tying your own jigs. The Gamakatsu Ball Head will give good results every time.

These are authentic product from Gamakatsu, not just someone using Gamakatsu hooks in their heads.

5 Heads per Pack

Product Name
Round Jig Head 1/16oz 1/0
Round Jig Head 1/8oz 1/0
Round Jig Head 3/16oz 2/0
Round Jig Head 3/16oz 3/0
Round Jig Head 1/4oz 2/0
Round Jig Head 1/4oz 3/0


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1/16oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz


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