Gamakatsu Round Bend Treble Hooks Red


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Red treble hooks are really creating a stir among bass anglers all over the country. The advantage of using these Gamakatsu Trebles is instantly obvious; they are deadly sharp. Gamakatsu has been making some of the sharpest hooks on the planet and they are the most popular hook for bass anglers all over the world. Hanging a red treble on your favorite crankbait or ripbait is a great way to change the appearance a little, and some anglers think that it makes the lure look like it has been injured and is bleeding. The round bend design will allow deep penetration of the point in a bass’ mouth and help hold the fish as it tries to shake your lure. When you are throwing crankbaits, ripbaits, and other hard baits, it is very important the hooks be as sharp as possible so that any touch by a fish will stick and give you the chance to set the hook. Theses hooks are that sharp. Try the Gamakatsu Red Treble Hooks to dress up your hard baits the next time you’re fishing.

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Round Bend Red Treble Hooks 6 10pk
Round Bend Red Treble Hook 5 9pk
Round Bend Red Treble Hooks 4 9pk
Round Bend Red Treble Hook 3 8pk
Round Bend Red Treble Hooks 2 8pk

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