Gamakatsu Power Drop Superline EWG


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Equipped with a heavy-wire hook, the Gamakatsu Power Drop Superline EWG allows anglers to confidently present a wide range of soft plastics in and around heavy cover. Centered around a solid ring, the Gamakatsu Power Drop Superline EWG consists of a beefy Superline EWG hook, a roller swivel, and a 3.5” dropper wire.

When deploying the Power Drop, simply tie your line to the swivel, rig your desired trailer, slide a weight onto the wire, and bend the end upwards with a pair of pliers. After that is complete, you’ll have a free-swinging presentation that looks incredibly appetizing to aggressive bass. Additionally, you can make your presentation more compact by trimming the wire as needed. Available in multiple hook sizes, the Gamakatsu Power Drop Superline EWG is truly one of the most versatile ways to fish heavy cover.


  • 2 Pack
  • Superline EWG hook
  • 3.5” Dropper wire
  • Barrel swivel
  • Solid ring connector

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