Gamakatsu Adjustable Treble Stinger Rig


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The Gamakatsu Adjustable Treble Stinger Rig works to eliminate short bites and ensures that no nibble goes unnoticed. A stealthier version of Gamakatsu’s Trailer Stinger Rig, it is pre-tied with two inches of premium 16lb fluorocarbon, and can be shortened with a quick overhand knot, allowing anglers to accommodate a wide-range of bait sizes on the fly. Exceptionally effective when sluggish fish are just swiping at the tail, the Gamakatsu Adjustable Treble Stinger Rig pairs Gamakatsu’s incredibly sharp treble hooks with a pre-rigged, adjustable construction that trophy hunters can rely on.

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Rig 8, Rig 10


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