Duckett Jacob Wheeler Select Series Casting Rods


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Introducing a new lineup of rods from Major League Fishing angler Jacob Wheeler, the Duckett Jacob Wheeler Select Series Casting Rods are designed for competitive anglers who are looking for a step up from the classic JW signature series. Boasting cutting-edge features like X-Helical Coil Construction, Carbon Nano Technology, and Tri-Level graphite integration, the Duckett Select Series is made using Sensi-Touch rod blanks that are ultra-sensitive, extremely lightweight, and incredibly strong.

The two-layer carbon fiber scrim adds to the durability of the rod, while the proprietary Kigan Artus 316 SS ring locks, double-flanged tip, and double-footed elevated stripper guide ensure accurate casts while minimizing line friction. Delivering unparalleled performance, superb balance, and exceptional sensitivity, the Duckett Jacob Wheeler Select Series Casting Rods are available in moderate actions that provide versatility for a wide range of bass fishing applications.

Rod Features:

  • Sensi-Touch Rod Blank
  • X-Helical Coil Construction
  • Carbon Nano Technology
  • Tri-Level Graphite Integration
  • Two-Layer Carbon Fiber Scrim
  • Kigan Artus 316 SS Guides


Model Taper Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Length Handle Type
DFWS69M-C Fast 10-14lb 9+Tip
DFWS71MH-C Fast 10-17lb 10+Tip 14-1/2″
DFWS73M-CC Moderate 8-14lb 7+Tip
DFWS74MH-C Moderate Fast 10-17lb 10+Tip
DFWS77H-C Fast 12-20lb 10+Tip

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