Dirty Jigs Horseshoe Shakey Head 3pk


Size Color
3/32 Black, Green Pumpkin
1/8 Black, Green Pumpkin
3/16 Black, Green Pumpkin
1/4 Black, Green Pumpkin


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Built with a game changing horseshoe head design that will tempt even the most lethargic bass into biting, Dirty Jigs hit a ringer with the Dirty Jigs Horseshoe Shakey Head. The bottom of the head features a horse-shoe shaped indentation, which forms an incredibly stable base to better accommodate for rocky and uneven surfaces on the lake bottom This allows your worm to maintain a tantalizing upright posture that is vital when fishing is tough, and the pressure is on. This bite-sized offering also comes equipped with a premium Gamakatsu hook with a 90-degree vertical line tie, so you can set the hook with confidence at the proper angle to send that super sharp Gamakatsu hook point home. Additionally, the molded cork-screw bait keeper ensures your favorite finesse plastics stay securely in place cast after cast, so you can spend more time with your bait in the water rather than adjusting it on the boat. For a shakey head that is ready to stand up to the competition, pick up the Dirty Jigs Horseshoe Shakey Head and start putting those finicky fish in your livewell.

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Black, Green Pumpkin


3/32oz, 1/8oz, 3/16oz, 1/4oz


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