Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel


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Daiwa’s flagship spinning reel, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel is the product of innovative engineering and Daiwa’s most advanced technologies to give anglers performance that is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Starting at the foundation, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel is built around a Magnesium Monocoque Frame, which provides a slim but extremely rigid support system that virtually eliminates reel torque. The Monocoque Frame also eliminates the need for multiple components on the frame and increases the internal volume for housing a larger machined Tough DigiGear that generates silky smooth performance, incredible power, and enhanced durability.

Decreasing weight without sacrificing any strength, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel features a new screwless designed Zaion Air Drive Rotor that is accompanied by an Air Bail, which is 15% lighter than previous rotor systems for effortless reeling performance with extremely low start up inertia.

Shielding the inner workings of the reel from performance-hampering debris, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel is backed by Magsealed technology that allows for continuous, friction-free rotation by bridging the inner and outer bearing races with magnetically charged oil. Backed by a buttery smooth Automatic Tournament Drag system, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel is the pinnacle of Japanese spinning reel engineering.

Reel Features:

  • Magnesium MQ Frame
  • Magsealed Frame and Line Roller
  • ATD Drag System
  • Air Bail


Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Bearings Line Cap. (Test/Yd.)
EXIGLT2000D-P Right/Left 4.9:1 5.3 10CRBB + 2MSBB + 1BB 4/250, 6/160
EXIGLT2500-XH Right/Left 6.2:1 5.6 10CRBB + 2MSBB + 1BB 6/160, 8/110
EXIGLT3000-XH Right/Left 6.2:1 6.2 10CRBB + 2MSBB + 1BB 8/160, 10/130
EXIGLT3000D Right/Left 5.2:1 6.2 10CRBB + 2MSBB + 1BB 10/280, 12/220
EXIGLT4000D Right/Left 5.2:1 7.1 10CRBB + 2MSBB + 1BB 10/360, 14, 250
EXIGLT5000D-C Right/Left 5.2:1 7.6 10CRBB + 2MSBB + 1BB 14/280, 20/180


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