Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap


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As you might have gathered from the name, the Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap is a tonal spinoff of the original Rat-L-Trap. Equipped with the same action, it produces a distinctly different knocking sound. Built with a hard driving, low frequency knocker, the Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap beats like a drum in the water, demanding attention and strikes.

Whether it’s ripped through grass flats or jigged in deep waters, the Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap features a highly energized wiggling action that will have bass begging for a taste. Backed by two Mustad Triple Grip Trebles as well, the Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap delivers a unique underwater acoustic that help you “knock” your next tournament out of the park.

 Bill Lewis Length Weight Class
Knock-N-Trap 3″ 1/2oz Sinking
Knock-N-Trap 3.5″ 3/4oz Sinking

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Blue Shiner, Chartreuse Flash, Chrome Black Back, Chrome Blue Back, Gizzard Shad, Gold, Gold Chrome Black Back, Goldfire Craw, Rayburn Red Craw, Red Crawfish, Red Shad, Royale, Sexy West, Silverado, Toledo Gold


1/2oz, 3/4oz


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