Big Bite Baits Tour Tube 10pk


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Designed by BPT angler, Jeff Kriet, the Big Bite Baits Tour Tube was developed to generate bites under difficult conditions when the fish have seen everything else. Made from an extremely soft and super salty plastic formula, which gave Jeff a nearly 100% hook up ratio during the testing phase, the Big Bite Baits Tour Tube provides a far better action and superior hook penetration than tubes made from harder plastics.

Whether you’re fishing for smallmouth, largemouth, or spotted bass, the Big Bite Baits Tour Tube can be used with great success on a jighead for open water applications or on a Texas-rig for fishing around logs, docks, and vegetation. Offered in a selection of Jeff’s favorite colors and fortified with Bite Juice fish attractant, the Big Bite Baits Tour Tube will outperform all the other tubes in your tackle box.

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Black Blue Smoke Slvr Firetail, Dark Green Pumpkin Smoke Purple, Dark Smoke Red Flk, Dark Watermelon Purple, Green Pumpkin Blue Flk, Green Pumpkin Orange Firetail, Green Pumpkin Purple Copper Flk, SA Special, Smoky Silver, Tilapia


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