Big Bite Baits Swimming Mama 8pk


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A perfect combination of versatility and action, the Big Bite Baits Swimming Mama delivers a fluttering attraction that can be used with a wide-range of techniques. Built with two big J-shaped claws at the front, the Big Bite Baits Swimming Mama is a perfect match for jigs, but provides enough body accommodate heavy-duty flipping and pitching gear.  Along the body, the Big Bite Baits Swimming Mama is covered with a ribbing that moves plenty of water. Available in a number of proven colors, the Big Bite Baits Swimming Mama provides the versatility and the performance to make it a staple in every angler’s tacklebox.

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4″ 8

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1099, Alabama Craw, Confusion, Crime Scene, Green Pumpkin, Hematoma, Old Ugly, Politician, Prime Rib, SA Special, Tilapia, Watermelon Pumpkinseed, Watermelon Red Flk


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