Big Bite Baits Slim Minnow 10pk



A universal baitfish profile ideal for a variety of casting or jigging presentations, the Big Bite Baits Slim Minnow is a bite-getting soft bait that offers year-round applications for targeting bass, walleye, and more! Designed with a slim body and flat sides to create minimal water resistance, the lively fork tail provides incredible darting action when jigged off the bottom, nose hooked on a dropshot, or rigged with a lightly weighted jig head. Available in a range of machine-injected color patterns, the Big Bite Baits Slim Minnows feature laminate and firetail options to grab the attention of curious predators in stained or dirty water.

Length Quantity
4″ 10

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Alewife, Blue Pro Salt Pepper Cat Tail, Pearl, Silver Glitter Pearl


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