Big Bite Baits Scentsation Ramtail 6pk



Perfected over months of testing by BASS Elite Series Pro Clifford Pirch, the Big Bite Baits Scentsation Ramtail is designed to generate strong swimming action in a small profile making it the ideal trailer for a wide range of jig applications. Built with two kicking claw arms with raised edges to displace tons of water, the Ramtail vibrates energetically to accurately imitate a fleeing crawfish and grab the attention of curious predators.

Made with Big Bite’s proprietary ultra-soft plastic and infused with powerful scent flavors, the Scentsation line of soft plastic has been designed in conjunction with Ph.D. chemists to create a potent scent formula with greater fish attraction. Featuring a thick body to provide easy rigging and exceptional durability, the Big Bites Baits Scentsation Ramtail is available in a variety of fish-catching colors to pair seamlessly with any of your favorite jigs.

Length Quantity
3.5″ 6

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Black Blue Flk, Tilapia


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