Big Bite Baits Salt Tube 3.5″


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The Big Bite Baits 3.5″ Salt Tubes are hand dipped and loaded with salt for a super soft feel and tremendous action. Truly one of the most versatile of all soft plastic designs, tubes catch bass from shallow to deep year around. While very effective for targeting largemouth, many anglers consider them to be a primary tool for catching smallmouth and spotted bass. Texas-rig them, throw them on a jig head, even Carolina-rig or drop shot them, the Big Bite Baits 3.5″ Salt Tubes are available in a variety of colors for a range of fishing conditions.

Length Quantity
3.5″ 10

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Broom Grass Black Flk, Green Pumpkin Black Orange Flk, Green Pumpkin Gold Flk, Green Pumpkin Pepper, Green Pumpkin Roadkill, Lt Melon Black Gold Flk, Lt Melon Black Gold Halo, Lt Melon Perch, Pumpkin Pepper Blk Flk, Smoke Black Orange Flk, White Silver Black Flk


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