Big Bite Baits Pocket Whopper 1pk


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Compact and convenient, the Big Bite Bait Pocket Whopper is a 4oz lure retriever that is made to stash in a small compartment or pocket. To use the Big Bite Bait Pocket Whopper, simply position the boat over the snag, attach the Big Bite Bait Pocket Whopper to the line, and let it fall down to the lure.

In most cases, the Big Bite Bait Pocket Whopper will knock the lure free upon contact, but sometimes a couple bounces may be required. Much cheaper than a new lure, the Big Bite Bait Pocket Whopper is a must-have accessory for all anglers.

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Black Black, Black Black Yellow, Black Gold, Dirty Snow Silver, Green Pumpkin Opaque Chartreuse Chartreuse, Pearl Shiner White, Watermelon Red Ghost Silver, White Chartreuse, White Silver


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