Big Bite Baits Kamikaze Swimon Split Tail 7pk



Designed with twin split-tails to provide a unique look with subtle action, the Big Bite Baits Swimon Split Tail is the latest addition to the popular Swimon series and is ideal for pairing with your favorite spinnerbaits, bladed jigs, or buzzbaits. Featuring a similar shape as the original version, the Swimon Split Tail still has a ribbed body with flat sides but is also slimmed down to create less resistance and allow bladed lures to be fished deeper in the water column. Available in a range of proven color patterns to match your local forage, the Big Bite Baits Kamikaze Swimon Split Tails are loaded with a heavy dose of salt and Bite Juice for an added level of attraction that fish are simply unable to pass up!

Length Quantity
4.25″ 7

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Chartreuse White Swirl, Flamethrower, Glow Silver, Green Pumpkin Flamethrower, Pearl, Smoky Gold


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