Big Bite Baits Fat Stick 5pk


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Upsize your soft stick bait presentation and catch bigger fish with the Big Bite Baits Fat Stick. Twice the thickness and weight of a regular five inch soft stick bait, the Big Bite Baits Fat Stick is a made from a super soft and heavily salted formula, which provides a faster sink rate than other stickbaits with an enhanced wobbling action that entices lethargic fish to bite.

Ideal for a wide range of applications when you want a bigger profile to target bigger fish, the Big Bite Baits Fat Stick works exceptionally well rigged weightless wacky style in open water or Texas-rigged for fishing around weeds and brush. It can also be used very effectively on a shaky head, Carolina-rig, or a magnum Ned-rig. Poured in a selection of fish catching colors, the Big Bite Baits Fat Stick will help you catch bigger fish and cash bigger checks.

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