Big Bite Baits Craw Tube


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4″ 25 pk
4″ 100 pk
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The Big Bite Baits Craw Tube combines the best features of a tube and a craw-style bait. It features a solid head for added durability and ribbed hollow tube body with a bigger profile to attract big bites. In addition to tentacles, it also features claws extending from the rear of the bait. Available in a variety of colors, the Big Bite Baits Craw Tube is a killer flip and pitch bait.

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1099, Black Blue Flk, Black Neon, Confusion, Crawdad, Crime Scene, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Texas Red, Hematoma, Junebug, Prime Rib, Pumpkin Pepper Green, Red Shad, Secret Craw, Sprayed Grass, Tilapia, Watermelon Chartreuse, Watermelon Pumpkinseed, Watermelon Red Flk, Watermelon Seed


8pk, 25pk, 100pk


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