Berkley Powerbait 8.5″ Power Worm


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8.5″ 9
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Joining the family of the legendary Power Worms, the Berkley Powerbait 8.5” Power Worms fall right in between the iconic 7” and 10” Power Worms. The Berkley Powerbait 8.5” Power Worms are proven performers that can be fished throughout the year in a variety of presentations. The Berkley Powerbait 8.5” Power Worm’s classic ribbon tail design has a natural swimming action when twitched or on the fall. The soft texture, enhanced by the Berkley Powerbait scent and flavor formula, is irresistible to fish. The Berkley Powerbait 8.5” Power Worms are great for flipping and pitching or around cover when fish are interested in a slightly larger bait.

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Black, Black/Chartreuse, Blue Fleck, Blue Fleck Firetail, Electric Grape, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Chart., June Bug, Motor Oil, Plum/Chartreuse, Pumpkin Chartruese, Pumpkinseed, Red Shad, Red Shad Green Glitter, Tequila Sunrise, Watermelon


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