Berkley Fusion19 Weighted Wacky Head


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Fish your wacky rig in deeper water and through heavier cover with the Berkley Fusion19 Weighted Wacky. Featuring a unique bend, the Berkley Fusion19 Weighted Wacky is ideal for wacky rigging soft stick baits with or without an O-ring. Its weighted construction also increases the sink rate and action of your bait, which is more effective when targeting fish in slightly deeper water. Its double stainless steel weedguard prevents snagging and gives anglers the ability to fish through thick vegetation where the bigger fish usually tend to hide. Finished with a razor-sharp hook point that penetrates with even the slightest pressure from the rod, the Berkley Fusion19 Weighted Wacky will become a mainstay in your finesse tackle box.

Designed for everyone, from the novice to the professional angler, the Berkley Fusion19 Hooks have been designed to perform at all levels. Featured with a needle point SlickSet Coating for easier penetration, the Berkley Fusion19 Hooks provide sure hook sets over-and-over. Covered with a smoke satin finish, each Berkley Fusion Hook comes in an innovative resealable clam packaging that makes for easy management.

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Black, Green Pumpkin


1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4


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